Payment solutions for forward-thinking businesses

Airwallex is re-imagining the way that businesses send and receive money internationally. We have created a suite of powerful products to help businesses succeed in a connected digital economy.

Global coverage

Manage funds in and out of 130 countries around the world and expand your global reach.

High speed

Powered by smart, auto-routing technology, Airwallex finds the optimal route to deliver your funds.

Low cost

Connecting directly to local payment networks around the world means fewer intermediary banks and unnecessary fees.

  • Collect

  • Convert

  • Pay

Our product set is designed to cover your payments experience from end to end. Mix and match to build the best solution for your needs.

Do business with locals, like locals

Open an Airwallex Global Account and give your business the power to receive foreign currencies faster and cheaper than traditional payment methods.

Improved customer experience

Allow your customers to make payments to your business in their preferred currency and payment method, removing unnecessary international transaction fees for users.

Access to new markets

The ability to create global accounts and collect payments locally in international markets opens up previously inaccessible ecommerce platforms and customer bases.

Simplified fund management

Improved reconcilliation and financial control with centralised collection and the ability to transfer funds back to your own currency.

Real time access to competitive exchange rates

Tap into a network of premium liquidity providers, delivering access to a range of competitive rates around the world.

Wholesale comparable rates

We work with leading global banks and liquidity providers to source competitive rates, that are passed on to our customers through a transparent pricing model.

Stable trading environment

Partnerships with liquidity providers in all corners of the globe secure a constant live trading environment across all timezones.

Remove the barriers to global business

An expansive global payments network built with smart auto-routing algorithms that bypass traditional payment rails to connect your business with the world.

Direct and efficient

Using smart, auto-routing algorithms, our platform determines the most direct route for your money to deliver funds quicker and with fewer intermediary banks taking a cut.

Secure and compliant

We work with leading security and compliance providers, and adopt world class security practices throughout our organisation, to ensure your funds are secure at all parts of the payment experience.

High volume scalability

Our platform is optimised to deliver at scale. Complete batch payments via the Webapp, or integrate with our API to automate your payments - delivering thousands of payments a second.

Integrated with local payment networks

We've built strong relationships with banks around the world, providing access to local payout capabilities, further reducing cost and improving delivery time.

Take your platform further with Scale

Designed for platform businesses, Scale brings all Airwallex capabilities together in a single centralised solution to enable straightforward management of your full ecosystem.

Learn more about Scale

Global by nature

We've built relationships with banks across the world, and use our extensive regulatory and payment expertise to give you the power to make payments in all corners of the globe.

Connect your way

Businesses of any size can take advantage of our suite of payment and foreign exchange products. Get started using the Web App to access and manage your account, or integrate with our APIs to automate and streamline your end to end payments experience.

Web App

Built for businesses

Web App provides immediate control of your account anywhere in the world giving you everything you need to accelerate your business.

Developer API

Built for platforms

Our intelligent API takes your business further with smart automation, seamlessly integrated into your existing financial systems.

Unlock accelerated global growth for your business

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